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sobota 30. dubna 2011

Celebration - Blogtrain Designs by Kat

Wooot wooot! Designs by Kat has been celebrating her1st anniversary at Scrap Orchard and in that occasion, besides all the challenges, prizes and chat, she´s been giving away a Celebration kit for free!
The blog train has already started so if you´ve missed the first part, go to Kat´s blog and follow the other instructions.

Here is my part of the kit - Elements part I.

download HERE

The next part to download will be on Jodie´s blog tomorrow, so keep your eyes open.

Have fun!

úterý 26. dubna 2011

pondělí 25. dubna 2011

Promo - Secret Rose - Céline Designs

rak for friend Tutule

pátek 22. dubna 2011

" Lavender Scent " - Zalinka Designs

rak for my friend Jana

GSO in SDD from aevans96
Thank you !!!

úterý 19. dubna 2011

" Simply Beautiful "- Rena Designs

rak for friend Dagi

GSO in DST from Pacina
Thank you !!!

GSO in SDD from geswho40
Thank you !!!

sobota 16. dubna 2011

čtvrtek 14. dubna 2011

" Easter Frolics " - AnnaBV Designs

GSO in SDD from nvr.4.gtn
Thank you !!!

Gift for you - Rena Designs

Today is the 4th anniversary of wedding designer Rena! It has a little gift for you

" Whimsy Spring " - Designs by Kat

rak for Milena

" Flowers in my Hand " - Susanne Designs

pondělí 11. dubna 2011

čtvrtek 7. dubna 2011

středa 6. dubna 2011

" Spring " - Designs by Kat

rak for svarapaja

pondělí 4. dubna 2011


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